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Nature based
education programs in Richmond, VA

Learning starts with curiosity

Located in Richmond, Virginia, we are focused on creating engaging outdoor education to connect kids with nature through storytelling and athletic programs that ignite the imagination. Our lead educator, Chris Ercolano, bring his years of Montessori education experience to our programing style. Learn more about Chris here.

Our Programs


Our afterschool programs are designed to provide a unique and enriching experience for students through outdoor exploration and hands-on activities. We partner with local schools to offer dynamic workshops that blend education, creativity, and physical activity. With a focus on outdoor skills, art, storytelling, movement, and athletics, our programs inspire a love for nature and learning in young minds.


At Youth Outdoor Workshops, we understand the unique needs of homeschool groups and are committed to providing exceptional writing classes and curriculum consultations to support your homeschooling journey. Our evidence-based writing activities are carefully designed to incorporate fun, creativity, and real progress, ensuring that students not only enjoy the learning process but also make significant strides in their writing skills.


Our summer camps offer an incredible array of experiences for campers aged 6-14, providing multiple weeks of outdoor excitement and skill-building activities. With our three unique camp offerings – Outdoor Explorers, Art Adventures, and Soccer Stars – your child will discover their passions, embrace positive risk-taking opportunities, and develop valuable social-emotional skills while having a blast!

Youth Outdoor Workshops Summer Camp Outdoor Explorers Richmond VA


At Youth Outdoor Workshops, we bring the magic of the outdoors to your special occasions with our dynamic and engaging event offerings. Whether you’re planning a thrilling birthday party, a memorable team-building experience, or an exciting school holiday adventure, we have the perfect outdoor activities to make your event truly extraordinary.


At Youth Outdoor Workshops, we are dedicated to fostering partnerships with schools, community centers, and parks to bring the transformative power of outdoor education and afterschool programming to diverse communities. We offer a wide range of engaging programs, both ongoing and one-off, tailored to the unique needs and interests of each partner. 

Whether it’s exploring nature, fostering creativity through art, participating in athletic activities, or developing important life skills, we provide exceptional experiences that ignite curiosity and build confidence in students of all ages. We invite schools, community centers, and interested individuals to get in touch with us to discuss partnership opportunities or to find out more about the incredible programs we offer in collaboration with our valued partners.

Together, let’s create lasting memories and empower the next generation through the wonders of outdoor education.

Nurture their imagination

Our education team is excited to guide your student on their learning journey. It’ll be challenging and it’ll be a lot of fun. Contact us today to get involved.