Fox Elementary

Spring Programs

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Youth Outdoor Workshops is excited to bring another season of programs to Fox Elementary! From exploring the nature in the schoolyard to yoga, from sewing to imagining mythological worlds, there’s something for everyone.

Financial Support

A core objective of our after-school enrichment program is equitable access. A limited number of spots will be offered at half-price each session.

Each student is eligible for one half price scholarship per season. The need for tuition assistance is self-assessed, first come, first served.

If you would like to utilize one of these scholarships, register early and use the tuition assistance code: FOXFRIENDS at check-out. 

Support the Scholarship Fund!

Contribute to our scholarship fund to open doors and create opportunities for your fellow Fox families, ensuring that everyone has an equal chance to participate in these programs.

Join us in shaping a more inclusive future – donate now to support and make a lasting impact on the Fox community!

Program Information

All programs cost $90 for the season (6 weeks) and run from 3 pm - 4:30 pm.

To sign up for a program:
1. Click on the "Sign Up" button for the program you are interested in.
2. Fill out the registration form.
3. The link to submit payment will be shown on the confirmation page.

Note: If the program is full, payment will not process and your registration will be added to the waitlist.

Schedule: 6 Week Session April 9th - May 17th (Make up week May 21st-24th)


  • Myths & Magic (3-5)


  • Outdoor Explorers (K-2)
  • Art Adventures (3-5)


  • Yoga (K-2)
  • Scraps on Scraps (3-5)


  • Art Adventures (K-2)
  • Outdoor Explorers (3-5)

Outdoor Explorers

Looking for a hands-on outdoor adventure after school?

Join our Outdoor Explorers program and discover the natural wonders in our local community. Kids will learn wilderness skills like shelter-building, navigation, knot-tying, and plant identification. Our program encourages students to develop their curiosity, teamwork, and self-reliance through interactive and educational experiences. 


K – 2nd

Wednesdays 4/17 – 5/22

3rd – 5th

Fridays 4/12 – 5/17

Art Adventures Camp Richmond VA Youth Outdoor Workshops

Art Adventures

Join our Art Adventure after-school program and explore the world of creativity! Our program is designed for students who are excited to learn about different art materials and mediums such as sculpture, painting, and drawing. A mix of natural and recycled materials with classic art mediums will be utilized in this program.

K – 2nd

Fridays 4/12 – 5/17

3rd – 5th

Wednesdays 4/17 – 5/22

Scraps on Scraps

Scraps on Scraps is an after-school program where students use leftover materials to create artwork while learning about eco-conscious practices. Instructors guide students through the creative process, teaching them to repurpose and upcycle materials in new ways. This program promotes sustainability and resourcefulness, and is perfect for students interested in art and design. Join us today and help your child unlock their creativity while learning about eco-conscious practices.

3rd – 5th

Thursdays 4/11 – 5/16


Our program provides a fun and engaging way for children to unwind, stretch and move their bodies after a long day at school. Led by an experienced yoga instructor, kids will learn mindfulness techniques, build strength and flexibility, all while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful surroundings. Join us for a unique and healthy after-school activity that your child is sure to love!

K – 2nd

Thursdays 4/11 – 5/16

Myths and Magic

Embark on an epic storytelling adventure with “Myths and Magic,” a thrilling game where you become the hero and dive into an enchanting world of myths from around the globe! 

Inspired by the beloved book series by Rick Riordan, this program takes you on a journey through ancient tales and legendary creatures. Join us for an extraordinary experience where imagination and magic collide. 


Tuesdays 4/9 – 5/14

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is tuition-assistance available for after-school programs?

A: Yes! A core objective of Fox’s after-school enrichment program is equitable access. To that end, a number of spots in YOW programs will be offered at half-price each session, the other half being subsidized by a scholarship fund generously made possible by the PTA.

If the program cost is a hardship for your family, please register early and use the tuition-assistance code FOXFRIENDS at check-out. Each student may use one code per season. The need for tuition-assistance is self-assessed and first come first served. We don’t want any student to miss out on enrichment opportunities due to financial hardship. Please utilize this option if it is right for your family.

Q: Can I contribute to the scholarship fund to make it possible for other students to more readily sign up for classes?

A: Yes! At check-out, there will be several donation options. You can “Sponsor-a-Student” for an additional $120, or you can “Help-a-Student” with an additional contribution. Growing our scholarship fund through the year will mean that more tuition-assistance spots will be available each session. Teamwork makes the dream work! If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund without registering a student, you can also do that with our “Donate now!” button at the top of this page.

Q: How many spots are available in each program?

A: Each YOW program will be capped at 12-15 students.

Q: If the class that I want fills up quickly, is it worth putting my student’s name on the waitlist?

A: Yes! Please add your student’s name to the waitlist by sending an email to with the program name and your child’s name. There is always the possibility that an extra instructor could be added to a class if there is enough interest and expanding the size of the class is possible. Also, refunds are granted up to a week before classes start, so there is the additional possibility of moving in as other students drop out due to unforeseen circumstances.

Q:Is there a minimum enrollment for classes to take place? When will I know if a class is a go?

A: Yes, classes require a minimum of 4 students enrolled to run. Confirmations of classes will be emailed the week before programs begin.

Q: I see that classes begin at 3:00pm. Will parents have to sign kids out after school and get them to their class?

A: No. All students participating in after-school programs will be released from their classrooms
and walked to the gym to meet their program instructors. Between 2:50 and 3:00pm, students will be encouraged to have a snack and get ready to head outside and have some fun!

Q: Can students that are registered for YMCA Aftercare participate? What happens at 4:30pm?

A: Yes! All programs conclude at 4:30pm and students must either be picked up by a caregiver – dismissal will happen on the field or playground—or if they are enrolled in the YMCA After-Care program at Fox @ Clark Springs, YOW @ Fox instructors will deliver them to YMCA staff in the gym.

Q: Can students that are registered for Parks and Rec-sponsored Aftercare at Randolph participate? What happens at 4:30pm?

A: Yes! All programs conclude at 4:30pm and students must be picked up by a caregiver— dismissal will happen on the field or playground. There will be no transportation back to Randolph.

Q: Where are the programs being held?

A: Due to indoor space constraints at Clark Springs, all after-school programs are designed to take advantage of the ample outdoor space available.

Q: But won’t it be cold/hot? Are you really running all these programs outdoors?

A. It could be cold or hot, but we believe that the benefits of outdoor education far outweigh the discomfort of a chilly afternoon. All classes will be held rain or shine—so dress your students accordingly! If an extreme day of weather happens we will be in touch asap with cancellations. 

Q: What do I do if I have more questions?

A: Email Abby Ritt, the Fox PTA After-School Programs Coordinator, at or Chris Ercolano with YOW at