Afterschool Programs

In partnership with local schools, we bring nature-based engaging programs right to your doorstep, where participants embark on thrilling outdoor adventures, uncover the wonders of the natural world, and develop essential life skills. From hikes and bushcraft to artistic expressions inspired by Mother Nature herself, our programs promise an unforgettable journey of growth and self-discovery. Unleash the potential of your child with Youth Outdoor Workshops – learn outside!

Fox Elementary

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Fox Elementary, where we will be bringing innovative afterschool programs for students. Our programs will focus on athletics, arts, and outdoor skills, all designed to give students a well-rounded educational experience that promotes physical activity, creativity, and exploration of the world around them. Our experienced instructors will provide guidance and encouragement to help students build their skills and confidence in these areas. We look forward to working with the staff and families at Fox to help students reach their full potential and create a positive and engaging environment outside of school hours. 

Richmond Montessori

Join us at Youth Outdoor Workshops as we proudly partner with Richmond Montessori, a school deeply committed to providing a nurturing and holistic education. With our close relationship and our founder’s background as a former teacher, we bring the perfect blend of outdoor education and afterschool programming to enhance the students’ learning journey. From captivating storytelling and art workshops to coaching the soccer team, we create a transformative experience that builds confidence, curiosity, and creativity in the young minds of Richmond Montessori.

The Sabot School

Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature with Youth Outdoor Workshops and our partnership with The Sabot School. Situated within the breathtaking Larus park, Sabot provides a remarkable campus for outdoor education. Together, we offer engaging programs that spark curiosity, inspire creativity, and foster a deep connection with the natural world. Join us in exploring the enchanting forest and grounds of this historic school as we embark on an extraordinary educational adventure.

Want Y.O.W. at your school?

Afterschool Programs that make a difference

Unlock the Great Outdoors for Education and Growth

Are you searching for a transformative educational experience that takes learning beyond the classroom walls? Look no further! Youth Outdoor Workshops brings the wonders of nature straight to your school, providing a range of thrilling and immersive programs that inspire curiosity, creativity, and confidence in students of all ages.

Discover the Power of Nature-Based Learning

At Youth Outdoor Workshops, we believe that nature is the ultimate teacher. Our programs combine fun, adventure, and hands-on activities to create a dynamic learning environment that sparks a lifelong passion for the natural world. From exhilarating hikes through lush landscapes to captivating wildlife encounters that ignite wonder, our outdoor adventures open up a world of educational opportunities.

Customized Programs for Every Age Group

Whether you’re an elementary school looking to introduce little explorers to the wonders of nature or a high school aiming to instill leadership skills through outdoor challenges, our expertly crafted programs cater to various age groups. We work closely with educators to design experiences that align with academic objectives while providing a refreshing twist to traditional learning methods.

Nurturing Creativity and Confidence

Our workshops aren’t just about academics – they nurture creativity and build confidence too! Artistic expressions inspired by nature, team-building exercises that promote collaboration, and exciting sports that push boundaries – all contribute to empowering students with essential life skills.

Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow

Through our nature-based education, we aim to create future leaders who are environmentally conscious, confident decision-makers, and compassionate global citizens. Our programs foster a deep connection with nature, encouraging students to become responsible stewards of the Earth.

Join Us on this Educational Adventure

Let’s embark on a journey of growth, learning, and excitement together. Take the first step by exploring our comprehensive range of nature-based workshops and afterschool programs. Bring the beauty of the great outdoors to your school, and watch as your students embrace education in a whole new way.